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Frequently Asked Questions.

How does Supreme You Works?2020-10-27T12:13:32-05:00

As Robin Sharma said: “All things are created twice, first in the mind and then in reality”. We will guide you through a life changing process in which you get clear on the things that you want and the person you need to become to achieve them (The Supreme You) and also you will receive all the tools you need to plan, execute and track your progress, like the goal creator, task administrator, reminders, habit tracker, calendar, rituals, meditation, motivation and more.

What is the foundation of Supreme You?2020-10-27T12:13:59-05:00

Supreme You is based on many years of research in psychology, neuroscience, performance, mental training, business development, goal setting, character and wellbeing. Thousands of hours of books and courses, and a lot of enriching talks with psychologists, entrepreneurs, coaches, neuroscientists, monks, priests, CEO’s, successful business people, and the list goes on! After all the research and curating we used it ourselves and saw, tasted and experienced the magic of Supreme You.

What are the benefits of the premium subscription?2020-10-27T12:48:45-05:00

With the premium version you unlock everything inside the app, and also you maintain access to all the new features that we will be adding, like new meditations, courses, book summaries and more, that we will be adding every month.

What does the free version includes?2020-10-27T12:49:55-05:00

Unfortunately, we cannot unlock everything for a period of time because in the Supreme You methodology you previously go through a process of self-awareness which is only available for the premium version, but you have access to the first part of this self-awareness process which will add a lot of value to your life and also you will have access to some resources like the Supreme Meditation.

How much does Supreme You Costs?2020-10-27T12:50:23-05:00

Let us ask you one question… What is the price of your success and fulfillment? And here is another one… What is the cost of a low performance? That being said, the premium version has a fixed annual fee lower than $70 USD

How do I cancel my subscription?2020-10-27T12:50:51-05:00

You can cancel at any time, directly in your itunes subscriptions.

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